Sustainable Tourism

Alternative or Sustainable Tourism is primarily meant for encouraging the dependency and the interaction between tourists and the native ecology of the place including local human civilization, the flora and the fauna of the place.

Coliving in Wilderness

A tributary of Narmada, the Banjar River flows through the Buffer Zone – about 64 km from the Park’s western gate along the north-western direction – and is regarded as the life of KTR because it is an important source of …

Experiences within SSEK

The Baiga and the Gond tribes are indigenous to the Mandla and the Balaghat districts of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. When Kanha was declared a national park in 1955 many of these native tribals were evicted from their place of origin.

Play at Surwahi

Bring Back Play on Holidays

We think without outdoor play there is no learning and play can be even more fun if its in wilderness. We at Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha have build out a safe recreational activity area consisting of variety of ride elements for our little guests and their families to bond. Most of rides are made of scrapped vehicle tyres.

Local Community Building

Women Self Help Group

Surwahi Social is committed to inclusive growth of the local resident people in and around Kanha National Park core and buffer areas. Local community building, empowerment, skilling, involvement and learnings are core fundamentals of SSEK achieved through Deetya Jagriti Women Self Help Group.

Our Recent Projects

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Surwahi Social Journey



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